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As a cutting edge medical billing company based in New Jersey, we are comprised of a dedicated team of professionals with more than a decade of experience delivering top-standard billing services in the industry. We’re passionate about what we do and we always strive for excellence. We understand that your time is your money, so working with our team means you’ll benefit from reduced training and support costs, increased control, a streamlined cash flow, and optimized reimbursement through timely billing. 

At New Jersey Medical Billing Services we offer a history of success coordinating and monitoring operations across various departments and fields. Our main focus is to lead effectively and use proven problem-solving methods for results that you can count on. our employees are dedicated to streamlining operations to decrease your costs and promote organizational efficiency. We are a highly committed team and our hardworking mentality will maintain the highest level quality of services for you year after year.

Ewelina K. Kluska,
President of New Jersey Medical Billing Services LLC, 

Ewelina's goal as President of New Jersey Medical Billing Services is to lead with experience, directing and improving operations through effective employee motivational strategies and strong policy enforcement. My main focus is on proficiency and best practices. We follow market trends and all regulatory requirements of the medical billing industry. We are always seeking to grow our team of talented individuals and our client relationships by practicing an analytical approach to business planning and day-to-day problem-solving. Our main goal is to consistently surpass productivity targets, business and customer service objectives! We deliver skilled and experienced medical billing and all employees train to enhance performance and improve day-to-day processes. We are dedicated to resolving any customer issues to maximize satisfaction and meet your targeted service level.

We are here for you!

Are your reimbursement claims always getting rejected? That is money your practice can't afford to lose or wait on! When you choose to partner with us we make sure your billing is done the right way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your practice into a profitable business.


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Patient Billing Services

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Patient Billing

Preauthorization Medical Transcription

Credit Balance Resolution

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Are you ready to transform your practice into a profitable business?

New Jersey Medical Billing will make billing easy for both you and your patients.

Insurance billing is essential for all healthcare businesses, but you don't have to waste your resources trying to find and train someone who can understand all the requirements needed to make your passion profitable. New Jersey Medical Billing Services is ready to handle the complicated aspects of billing insurance for you. We get consistent reimbursements by incorporating proper coding practices the first time, leaving you to focus on growing your business instead of fighting with insurers.

We can help automate your practice with the following services:

  • Integrating the latest technology to streamline your practice
  • Monitoring every dollar on every claim being processed
  • Boosting reimbursements while cutting the costs
  • Helping you stay in control
  • Processing and following up on insurance claims
  • Tracking unpaid claims
  • Challenging rejections
  • Generating patient statements
  • Providing hundreds of analytical reports


Free Auditing Services

When you partner with New Jersey Medical Billing Services you can expect maximum reimbursements at the lowest fees!

Guaranteed Confidentiality

We understand how the information your practice keeps is private. Thus, we handle this information with the utmost confidentiality as we assure you that our services remain HIPAA-compliant.

Less Claim Backlogs

Experience faster reimbursements with less rejections by having experts process the pending insurance claims. You don’t have to invest money constantly trying to improve your facility’s billing software and training employees.

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Service Areas Covered: We are a USA national business based in the NJ/NY tristate area.


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