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We utilize cutting-edge medical billing services and technology, so don’t make it harder on yourself—get help!

New Jersey Medical Billing LLC provides innovative medical billing solutions for medical facilities. We take care of all aspects of the revenue management billing cycle (RMC). New Jersey Medical Billing LLC specializes in collecting accounts receivables from insurance companies, the government, and patients. Medical billing is the core of our business in the healthcare revenue management cycle (RCM). NJMB will help you collect 99.7% of all your receivables.

Benefits of outsourcing your medical billing:

  • Cost savings: It is expensive to manage an in-house team of medical billing staff.
  • Reduced billing errors: The services of medical billers with extensive knowledge can decrease the errors in claim submission.
  • Increased staff availability: Front office staff can focus on providing quality patient care, as outsourcing frees up their time.
  • Maximum reimbursement: Experienced medical billers offer end-to-end billing solutions that can help increase reimbursement.
  • Accelerated cash flow: Outsourcing can help maintain a consistent cash flow and improve AR collection.
  • Better denial management: Expert billing teams can identify the actual reasons for the denial and provide details in appeals. Certified billers ensure accurate billing of all procedures on medical claims.

We at New Jersey Medical Billing LLC have a wealth of valuable expertise in customizing medical billing services to suit the specific needs of your practice. In addition to managing your medical billing needs, we also focus on optimizing your management capabilities and helping you retain more revenue. New Jersey Medical Billing LLC is the one-stop solution for all your medical billing needs.

Our Mission

At NJMB, we strive to apply and share our growing knowledge for better delivery of services. We believe in a customer-oriented culture with a focus on your practice’s well-being and collaboration.

Our Vision

NJMB aspires to become the premier medical billing partner for healthcare facilities and providers throughout New Jersey. We strive to provide all our clients with meaningful services.

Our Core Values:

  • Client Value Creation
    It is important to know our customers and what a successful outcome means to them. Here, we are always looking for ways to deliver the best possible service, and we treat a win for you as a win for us.
  • Reaching for Excellence
    We maintain expected quality standards in everything we do and display a genuine passion for learning, researching, and asking questions to expand our knowledge of our customers and the industry.
  • One Team
    We understand and value each other’s personal time and space. We foster collaboration among team members, sharing our knowledge in the medical practice’s best interests.

Are You Sick of Not Getting Paid?

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